Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common sales questions.

· Completely Customizable

· Fully Web-Based

· All information runs on one central server

· No individual desktop/laptop software installation

Absolutely! We have many happy clients who are willing to talk with you about Concrete Vision. If you would like to talk to someone personally, please contact our sales department for a list of these clients and their contact information. (We do not publish this information online to respect our clients’ privacy.)

Yes. Please schedule a live demonstration with a sales representative who can discuss the specific features you need.

Concrete Vision has a long history of success and has carefully planned for longevity. We have been in business since 1996. All of our profits have been carefully re-invested in our research and development efforts, as well as in liquid reserves to ensure the company’s stability even in an economic downturn. We have no outside investors or venture capitalists, allowing us to maintain complete, internal control over the company’s direction and Balance Sheet. As a result, we can confidently say that we will be around a long time to sell and support Concrete Vision.

Concrete Vision is programmed, sold, and supported out of our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Because we select and train all of the staff involved in Concrete Vision, we can ensure that all of our employees are well educated about our software. This means that you’ll always have a consistent experience with us, and that you don’t have to worry that the local dealer doesn’t know the software well or won’t always be available. While our home office might not be in your backyard, we promise that when you work with our sales and support departments, it will feel just like we are!

No. Concrete Vision does not require any specialized computers or servers.

We recognize that cost is an important factor in your decision to purchase Concrete Vision. However, it is difficult for us to provide pricing on our website, because it depends on many factors such as the number of user licenses required, importing of current data, customization, etc. We would be happy to offer a ballpark price with some information from you regarding your needs. Please contact our sales department for pricing.

All Concrete Vision data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database, which has extensive security, including password encryption and built-in measures to protect data in the event of hardware failure. In addition, Concrete Vision has integrated security features that let you control each user’s access to individual modules and screens.

It’s difficult to give an exact answer to this question because it varies depending on the amount of data you wish to transfer, the number of people involved with the transfer and training, etc. Most installations take approximately three to four months. Rest assured that we have developed a systematic approach to the process and will be with you every step of the way, ensuring a painless implementation.

Concrete Vision offers support out of our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We do not use dealers or outside sales/support representatives because we believe we can ensure higher quality service from one centralized area. All of our support representatives go through an extensive training process to ensure that the best possible help will be available for you. In addition, we offer extended support hours so that we are available through business hours on the west coast.

Concrete Vision is an operations management solution developed exclusively for the precast industry; providing instant visibility into the entire project lifecycle to support project management, establish financial confidence, ensure schedule accuracy, and optimize process efficiency.  Concrete Vision is an independent subsidiary of Wells Companies, Inc. Concrete Vision alone retains secure and singular access to our client’s data, processes, and systems which are not shared with Wells Companies, Inc.

Concrete Vision is continuously adding new features to its digital solution to automate processes and improve performance for our clients in the precast industry.  Concrete Vision offers custom training and product support to align the technology platform to our client’s business needs.