About Us

Concrete Vision is a software technology company offering operational management software solutions, specialized for the precast concrete manufacturing industry. With technology solutions designed specifically for the needs of precast manufacturers, the web-based software is continuously evolving to support customers’ needs. Concrete Vision provides modules for contact management, sales and estimating support, project management, production scheduling, quality control analysis, dispatching, field reporting and more – letting you successfully drive business performance.

Depending on the scale and scope of your business needs, you can utilize as many or as few modules as needed. Our web-based platform simplifies implementation into your precast business strategy, and seamlessly shares data with other business software.

Our clients choose Concrete Vision for our specialized solutions that meet their needs. The Concrete Vision operational management solutions have been implemented by some of the biggest names in the precast industry.


Founded in 2002, Concrete Vision emerged from an internet company that also provided IT consulting, owned by Dan VanWieren. Dan’s business partner had an in-law who was a sales manager at a precast manufacturing company, and in the beginning, Dan worked closely with him to create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to address manufacturing operational challenges. Eventually, Excel transitioned to a more dynamic Access database, which evolved into Concrete Vision, the industry leading, operational management software solution platform that has revolutionized precast manufacturing operations across the U.S.