Concrete Vision is the leading operational management software solution for the precast concrete manufacturing industry.

Concrete Vision is the most complete solution for managing the entire project lifecycle with confidence, accuracy, and efficiency. By using the latest development, database and web technologies Concrete Vision gives you real-time control over all aspects of your projects–and your company’s bottom line.

Standard Modules

  • Contact Management

    Contact management is the heart of our CRM system. Manage your customer relationships all in one place with our CRM system, keeping track of leads, interactions and opportunities.

  • Estimating and Quoting

    Designed specifically for the precast sales representatives, Concrete Vision’s Sales Module allows users to  create, distribute and track any type of sales quote.

  • Project Management

    Concrete Vision’s Project Management Module enables everyone in your company to remain informed of all critical business communications. Achieve all project goals and remain on schedule and on budget.

  • Production Scheduling

    Set up, track and report project tasks and resources to keep your jobs on schedule. Organize your precast production schedule, avoid unnecessary manufacturing conflicts, and ensure your plant is effectively manufacturing to its capacity.

  • Quality Control

    Helps identify piece-level after pour imperfections and tracks quality issues using non-conformist reports (NCRs).

  • Yard Management

    Successfully manage raw material and finished inventory and create storage plans for projects, all while improving customer service.

  • Dispatch

    Build a cohesive team by sharing information through the Dispatch module. Both production and dispatch personnel can print load/picking tickets and schedule field deliveries efficiently and on schedule.

  • Field

    Keep track of pieces at the job site, ensure correct erection sequencing, and easily build daily or weekly field reports for real-time collection and decision making.

  • Custom Reports

    Every precast company has its own internal reporting needs. Concrete Vision is designed to be as custom as your company.

As a web-based application, there is no need to install any computer programs, and Concrete Vision can be accessed from virtually any device, anywhere.

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